Assignment: Audience-Centered Communication Assessment

1. Read the Reading Selection on the opening page of Module, the Supplemental Readings, and view the Supplemental Materials.

2. Write a short essay 200 word essay discussing technical writing as audience centered communication. Use a technical format to write the essay: headings, sub headings, markers, and white space.

Be sure to end you post with a question and reply to another student’s post, ending your reply with a question.      


Grading Rationale:

Content addresses assignment.   

35 out of 85

Word count. Word count. (Word count is at least 200 words.)

20 out of 85

Content written in an easily accessed technical format, using bold headings, sub headings, markers and shite space.    

20 out of 85

Language, punctuation, and sentence structure.

10 out of 85

End original post with a meaningful   question that relates to the assignment.

5 out of 5.

Reply to another post with a thoughtful reply that relates to the student’s post.   

5 out of 5

End reply with a meaningful question that relates to the student’s post.

5 out of 5