Assignment: Persuasive Presentation Assessment

Submit a PowerPoint Persuasive Presentation.

This presentation will be on the Research Report you chose to do: the Proposal or the Feasibility Report.

Either report will follow the same guidelines for writing the Persuasive Presentation.

Revisit the Persuasive Presentation Overview page and the example of the PowerPoint Persuasive Oral Presentation to help you.

An additional example of a student PowerPoint can be found here.

Note: Although the example of the PowerPoint Persuasive Presentation is not on the Teldon Facilities Corporation Feasibility Report, Your PowerPoint Persuasive Presentation must be on the same problem as your Feasibility Report or your Proposal.

The presentation must not take more than 7-10 minutes to present. The presentation must follow the format in the lecture notes on the EVALUATION of the Persuasive Oral Presentation link.

Make sure the Persuasive Oral Presentation is on the your Feasibility Report or Proposal.