Blackboard Learn: Duplicating Shells with Lumen Courses

Course Copy: Select Course MaterialsGoal

Duplicate a fully configured Blackboard course shell integrated with a Lumen Candela or Waymaker course to one or more other Blackboard course shells.

Step 1: Choose Course Copy or Export/Import Method

Blackboard offers two ways to duplicate courses. You can use either method to duplicate a Blackboard course shell that is fully configured and integrated with a Lumen course.

Follow Blackboard’s user guidance linked below to locate and understand how to use these two methods:

  • Using course copy.
  • Exporting a Blackboard cartridge from a fully configured and integrated course shell, and then importing that cartridge to another course shell (use regular Blackboard cartridge format, not Common Cartridge format).

Step 2: Select Content Areas

Under “Select Copy Options,” make sure to select all of the specific content areas that contain Lumen course materials, including content and assessments, as well as any other content that you have included in the course.

Step 3 (Waymaker Courses Only): Select “Grade Center Columns and Settings”

It is important to follow these steps to ensure that all Waymaker materials and the links between the Quizzes and the Grade Center are maintained when Waymaker courses are copied. If these steps are not followed, you will need to edit each quiz link manually to enable evaluation and add it to the Grade Center.

Step 4: Follow Remaining Blackboard Instructions

Follow the rest of the instructions from Blackboard to make sure you bring over all other content, settings, preferences and tools such as announcements and discussion that you may have added to your course.