Blackboard Learn: Global LTI Integration


Make a secure, global connection between Lumen and Blackboard Learn to make it easier for other members of your institution to use Lumen courses in Blackboard without having to share deeper technical and authentication information beyond your core Blackboard administration team.

Lumen integrates with Blackboard Learn using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), a common integration practice probably already in use at your institution. This integration only needs to be made one time per Blackboard instance.

This Blackboard documentation may help guide administrators in making overall, global LTI integrations in their Blackboard instance:

Step 1: Approve Lumen LTI Providers in Blackboard

Approve the following three Lumen LTI providers using the same credentials and settings for each.

For All Lumen Courses (ie, Candela and Waymaker Courses)

  • 1. Name: Lumen Platform
    Provider Domain:

For Lumen Waymaker Courses Only

  • 2. Name: Lumen Assessments
  • 3. Name: Lumen Waymaker

Common Credentials & Settings

Consumer Key: provided via secure password vault as covered under General Integration With Lumen Support

Shared Secret: provided via secure password vault as covered under General Integration With Lumen Support

Provider Domain Status: Approved

Institution Policies: Lumen recommends the following policies:

  • Send User Data: Send user data only over SSL
  • User Fields to Send: Role in Course, Name, and Email Address (Lumen doesn’t save these values for students, but uses them to automatically create a deidentified, unique account for each user.)
  • Show User Acknowledgement Message: No. (Choosing “Yes” will require users to click an extra time for each course resource they visit.)
  • Message Text: Unnecessary if choosing No above.
  • Additionally, Lumen recommends settings so course materials open in a Blackboard Learn frame rather than a new window so users can still see and use Blackboard navigation when visiting course resources.

Step 2: Managing Blackboard Learn Tool Placements

Integration does not use placement of Lumen as a tool in any Blackboard area, so no placements are necessary.