Blackboard Learn: Integrating Lumen Courses in Course Shells


Integrate a specific Lumen course with a specific Blackboard course shell.

For Candela and Waymaker Courses

Step 1: Get a ThinCC integration cartridge for the right Lumen course

  • Email with the URL of a specific Lumen course to request a ThinCC integration cartridge.
  • Note: In the future, customers will be able to generate Lumen ThinCC integration cartridges themselves.

Step 2: Import ThinCC into a specific Blackboard course shell

Once you have a Lumen ThinCC file on your local computer, within a specific Blackboard course shell, use Packages and Utilities > Import Package / View Logs > Import Package to integrate the Lumen course:

  • Select a Package: Select the Lumen ThinCC file that will have a .zip or .imscc file extension. You should not expand the file.
  • Select Course Materials: Content Areas (this is the only material included in a Lumen ThinCC).
  • Submit: In a few minutes, the ThinCC import process will complete. If you view the Blackboard import log, you may see—but can safely ignore—warnings like “The parent of the content item entitled ‘Chapter 1’ could not be located in the package. Therefore the content item will be saved to the root folder within its course area instead.”

Step 3 (optional): Tailor integration in Blackboard

After import, your Blackboard course will have a new content area containing every module/chapter and page from the Lumen course that generated the ThinCC you imported. You can then further customize your course, adding other Blackboard materials (eg, assessments, discussions, etc) into these imported folders, or moving, renaming or deleting imported folders or pages in Blackboard. Changes in Blackboard will not affect original Lumen courses. Additional instructions for customizing courses may be provided in Lumen Faculty Training courses.

A Note About Reorganizing Content:

While changes to the content of Lumen pages are automatically reflected in Blackboard, structural changes (eg, reordering, renaming, adding, deleting pages or modules/chapters) in Lumen courses are not. Such changes require making the same changes in Blackboard or a refreshed integration package for that course.

For Waymaker Courses Only

Currently, Blackboard requires a few manual configurations after cartridge import—we hope Blackboard evolves so we can make these steps more automated in the future. When a properly-configured Blackboard course is copied to another shell, these configurations copy as desired, so these steps only need to be done one time in an initial course.

Step 1: Un-publish Instructor Resources

Manually un-publish the Instructor Resources folder and items to prevent student access.

Find: the Instructor Resources folder brought in via the cartridge import.

Follow the directions below to unpublish the Instructor Resources folder and to ensure no accidental student access, also unpublish each link inside the folder following the same steps described for the folder.

  • Click on the down arrow to the right of the folder/item title, then on “Edit:”
Instructor Resources: Edit Folder
  • 2. Under “Standard Options,” set “Permit Users to View this Content” to “No,” then click “Submit:”
Instructor Resources Folder: Hide
  • 3. Verify that the folder/item appears with “Availability: Item is not available.”
Instructor Resources Folder: Hidden

Step 2: Link Graded Items to Grade Center

Blackboard requires the manual creation gradebook items for external resources to be included in grades like Waymaker’s Research Consent and Communication Preferences form and the graded Quiz for every module (one quiz at the end of each module folder).

  • Locate the Research Consent and Communication Preferences link and the link for each graded Quiz.
  • Click on the down arrow immediately to the right of the link title, then click “Edit” in the pop-up menu.
Assessment: Edit
  • A page called “Edit Web Link” will appear.
  • DO NOT edit the URL. If you edit the URL, the link will no longer work.
  • Select “Yes” next to “Enable Evaluation”.
  • Enter points possible using either the default number of points suggested below or whatever makes sense for your course and grading policy.
    • Research Consent: 5 points
    • Quiz: 20 points each
  • If desired, you can also set a due date for the item.
  • Press “Submit” to save changes.
Assessment: Grade