Building and Managing Content in Your Course


If you are using MyOpenMath as a standalone tool, you will want to take time to adjust your gradebook settings before you make a bunch of assessments. From the Tools banner on the course home page, select Gradebook.  There are many features in this gradebook, but we will focus on a few here to get you started.

Click on GB settings to set up or view the categories on which student’s final grades will be calculated.

Decide whether you are using an average score or weighted categories to calculate final grade.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.54.57 PM

Here is a gradebook that has been set up using category weights and 3 lowest homework scores dropped.

Category Name – this is what you name the category, you can click Add New Category to create a new one, such as quizzes or homework. (Default – this will be used for courses that are linked through LTI to an LMS where grade return is provided. Otherwilse, you can set it to 0.)

Display – this sets how you and students will see this gradebook category – set to hidden if you don’t want students to see it, or expanded so they can see all of the items that have been placed into that category.

Scale – you can use points or percentages, this is optional and we suggest leaving it alone until you are more comfortable with the system.

Drops & Category Total –  you can set total points possible for the category or you can assign weights to each category.  If you want weighted categories, set the “Calc total” to “Averaged percents”.  You can choose to drop low scores or keep high scores.

Category Weights – you can set the percentage that each category contributes to student’s final grades if you wish.

Back in your course homepage, you may want to add your own instructions, assessments, forums, web link, or wikis.  If you are using MyOpenMath through your LMS, note that some features do not import through the LTI process.


Assessments can be made by gathering questions from our 10,000+ question library, or as you get more comfortable with the system and don’t mind a little coding, you can write your own to share with others.

To gather questions for a new assessment, choose Add Assessment from the omnipresent drop down menu on the homepage of your course (your students will not see this feature).Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.03.11 PM