1. Set Up Your Course in MyOpenMath

Goal: Set up the course in MyOpenMath so that it can be linked to Canvas via LTI.


  • You have an instructor account in MyOpenMath
  • Your Canvas course shell is set up
  • You have a course in MyOpenMath that is ready to teach from

From “Course Settings” in the course in MyOpenMath – make sure the following are selected:

  • Available to students
  • Show on Instructor’s home page
  • Require enrollment key from everyone, leave the enrollment key box blank.  This will allow Canvas to send students to the correct course.
  • Message System – your personal choice.
  • If your institution does not use a system wide key/ secret, you can set up your course secret here, make sure to save and copy your key and secret for use later in Canvas.

2. Make a Copy of the Course

Goal: Have MyOpenMath make a .imscc file that you will import into Canvas

  • From the course home page choose Export



  • Then decide whether you want the whole course or just parts from the drop down menu.
  • Choose Create CC custom Export (works in Canvas)
  • Download the file to your computer
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.08.50 PM






3. Import the File Into Canvas

Goal: Within a specific Canvas course, import the .imscc file you downloaded from MyOpenMath.

It is best to either log out of MyOpenMath or use another browser to log into Canvas.

  • From your course home page choose “Settings”
  • Then “Import Content into this Course”
  • Choose from the content type drop down menu: “Canvas Course Export Package”

  • Make sure to select whether you want to import all content or specific content, then click on “Import”

4. Provide the Key and Secret if Needed

Goal: Provide Canvas with the key and secret from your MyOpenMath course.


If your institution uses a site-wide or “global” key and secret for MyOpenMath you can skip this step.

  • Navigate to the “Settings” page of your course and click on “View App Configurations”
  • From the MyOpenMath App, click on the gear, and choose “Edit”
  • Here you will enter the key and secret you copied from your MyOpenMath course in Step 1.  You can leave the launch URL blank, set Privacy to “public” so names of students can be sent to MOM, and the domain should be “”
  • If you don’t have your key and secret set up you will see this message in Step 5.

5. Establish Your Identity Through Canvas With Your MyOpenMath Account

Goal: Connect your course in Canvas with your account in MyOpenMath so your students get enrolled in the correct course and grades are returned.

  • Click on one of the assessments that were imported into your course
  • You will be prompted to log into MyOpenMath – use the same credentials you use for MyOpenMath.
  • There are two outcomes possible at this point:

The First Outcome: you will see this prompt:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.43.09 AM
  • If you have taught this course before, and you have made a course copy (or your LMS administrator has) you will want to choose the second option – create a copy.  This will prompt MyOpenMath to make another copy of your course so your new students don’t get put in the gradebook with your students from last term.
  • If you have not taught out of the course in MyOpenMath before, the first option will work.

The Second Outcome: you will see this prompt:

  •      This means that the course you are using was copied from someone else’s MyOpenMath course (maybe your institution uses a template course to copy all courses from, or maybe you are getting content from a colleague) Go ahead and click “Create a copy…” MyOpenMath will make you a copy of the course in your account so your students will placed in the correct gradebook.
  • Your students will not have to log into MyOpenMath or have an account, they will now be able to access homework from within Canvas.  MyOpenMath will send a percentage to Canvas for each grade completed by each student.