Creating Assessments in OHM

Assessment Settings

When you create an assessment, you’ll first need to name the assessment. You can also give it a summary, introduction, or instructions if you want. After this you’ll need to set available dates.

There is an option to Keep open as a review “Always after due date,” which will allow your students to use the quiz as a practice test. These extra attempts will have no effect on their grade.

There are several options including passwords, time limits, display methods, attempts per problem, and feedback methods. If you already have an assessment set up with the options you like, you can select that assessment in the Copy Options from: drop-down menu.

Once you have your options set up the way you’d like, click on Create Assessment to begin adding questions.

Searching the Libraries

OHM has a vast library of already existing questions. You can access these questions on the Add/Remove Questions page and add them to your assessments.

To search the libraries, we start by clicking the Select Libraries button. This will bring up a menu of available questions. These questions are sorted by topic rather than course. For example, if you are creating an assessment on factoring, you’ll want to look in the Algebra library, and then the Factoring section. You can then select the specific kind of factoring you want to assess. Note that there are color-coded categories of libraries:

  • Open to all
  • Closed
  • Open to group, closed to others
  • Open to group, private to others
  • Closed to group, private to others
  • Private

You can select as many libraries as you’d like, as long as you have access to their questions. Once you have decided, click Use Libraries. You’ll see that the names of the libraries chosen appear after In Libraries:. In order to view the questions, you’ll need to press the Search button. You can add key words to your search, or you can search with the Search: box blank to view all questions in the libraries.

You can add questions in two different ways: either you can check the box for the assessment, and then click the Add button at the top of the questions list to add all selected questions, or you can click on the word Add on the question’s row.

A screenshot of the Add/Remove Questions page. Both methods of adding questions discussed in the above paragraph are circled.

You can preview the full questions by pressing the Preview button. This will pop the question up in a new window. You can then check Mark for Use if you like the question. At the top of the window, there are the navigation links Prev and Next. Going question by question in the preview window is the most thorough way to review and select questions.

Once you have selected your questions, press Add. This will take you to the Modify Question Settings page. Here you can adjust the points, number of attempts, whether you want hints and videos to be shown, and the number of copies. By adding multiple copies of the same question, students can be tested on the same principle multiple times (remember, the questions are variable based!). Click the Add Questions button when you’re done.

Print Versions

Once you’ve created your assessment, you may not want to deliver it online. If you want to create a print version, you can click the Create Print Version button. You’ll then follow the instructions on the page and customize your settings. Once everything is set up, click the Continue button. Internet Explorer is the best web browser to complete this action.

After Students Have Taken an Assessment

There are a few things that change once a student has taken an assessment. When an assessment is available, even if students haven’t taken it yet, the delete option in the main course page disappears. This is so you don’t accidentally delete an assessment students are taking.

When modifying an assessment, if the assessment has already been taken by a student, a warning will pop up on the Modify Assessment page. There is an option to clear assessment attempts, but bear in mind that this will delete all student scores. If there are completed attempts, some settings on the assignment are locked and cannot be edited.

Here’s a link to some instructional videos.

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