General Integration with Lumen Support

We recommend these general practices so we can collaborate to support course delivery in your institutional Learning Management System (LMS).

Test Course Shell

We recommend setting up a test course shell in your LMS so we can collaborate to test and make sure integration is working and course materials can be delivered as designed.

Lumen Support Identity

We recommend setting up a support identity for Lumen in your LMS that can be added to course shells in your LMS when appropriate for Lumen to test and provide direct support. Common support needs include:

  • Adding Lumen Support to a test course shell once you have global integration in place so we can test and make sure integration is working.
  • Adding Lumen Support to a course shell before it goes live with students to guide instructors and staff in integrating specific Lumen courses.
  • Adding Lumen Support to a live course shell temporarily to view and troubleshoot specific issues.

We recommend establishing an identity named “Lumen Support” with the email

Requests for support from Lumen can be emailed to or from our online support portal.

Lumen Integration Credentials

Lumen typically shares credentials for integration with your LMS using a secure password vault via If for some reason LastPass won’t work for you, contact the Lumen support team to arrange a different process to transfer credentials securely.

  • To access credentials for your institution, you’ll need a free LastPass account to access a vault on the LastPass website. Lumen can send an invite to LastPass to the email address of your choosing or you can create an account yourself and let us know the email address associated with that LastPass account.
  • You do not need to install LastPass software on your computer to retrieve the credentials from Lumen and we would suggest NOT to install LastPass unless you want to use LastPass to manage your own passwords. To avoid having to install LastPass, use the Login button upon entering the website and choose “Create an account now”:
Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.49.45 PM
  • Generate your LastPass sharing keys by clicking “More Options” from your vault:


  • Once you have a LastPass account and sharing keys generated, let Lumen know and we will share a secure note with you via LastPass with Lumen LTI credentials. You will receive an email when we share the note. Click the link in the email to accept the shared secure note.
  • Thanks for your patience with our efforts to keep our information-sharing practices secure.