Hide Content from Public/Student View

The previous page discussed hiding an entire part from public view, without deleting it.  To recap,

  • go to the Edit screen of the Part
  • check the box next to “Invisible”


Hiding Pages

If you’d like to adjust the visibility of single pages, however, this can be done from the Organize page.

Hidden pages on Organize Screen

In this book, you can see that every page under the “Instructor Resources” part has been checked as Private, while every page under “Module 1” is not checked, meaning that it viewable to anyone with the link to the book.

If every page within a part is hidden, readers will still see the Part title in the Table of Contents, but none of the page titles associated with it.  When reading it page to page, they will skip that part entirely.

To remove the Part title from the Table of Contents, make the whole part invisible (see instructions on the previous page).


By default, Lumen will make content under “Instructor Resources” private so that it can’t be found by students on a web search.  These items generally include assessments and other teaching resources.  You are welcome to make some or all of this content public for your book if you’d like your students to access it.  For instance, with this course, you might opt to make the page “1.8 Cases and Problems” available, and move it into Module 1 so that students read it as part of the chapter.

If you know that you will not use a page for a particular course, we recommend that you mark it as “private” rather than deleting it entirely.  You never know when you’ll want to take a peek at it again, somewhere down the road!