Instructure Canvas: Integrating Lumen Courses in Course Shells

Lumen will provide a “Thin Common Cartridge” (ThinCC) to import your Lumen course to Canvas.

The ThinCC will be a zip file. When receive it, you do not need to unzip it.

Import Your Lumen Course into Canvas

  1. Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.07.57 PMIn your Canvas course, go to Settings/Import.
  2. Select Common Cartridge 1.x package.
  3. Choose file and select the ThinCC file you received from Lumen (don’t unzip).
  4. Skip test bank pulldown, and select “all content.”  No need to select anything else.
  5. Import.
  6. The import will run, and then fail with 1 issue that is expected.

Clear the Extra External App Configuration

  1. Navigate to Settings/ Apps.
  2. View App Configurations.
  3. Delete candela External App (should be the only one with the trash can option).
  4. Confirm delete.
  5. At this point, you should be able to view all book pages in “Modules” section of your course.

Tailor Integration in Canvas (optional)

After import, your Canvas course will have new modules representing every module/chapter and page from the Lumen course that generated the ThinCC you imported. You can then further customize your course, adding other Canvas materials (eg, assessments, discussions, etc) into these imported modules, or moving, renaming or deleting imported modules or pages in Canvas. Changes in Canvas will not affect original Lumen courses.

A Note About Editing in Canvas:

While changes to the content of Lumen pages are automatically reflected in Canvas, changes to the structure (eg, reordering, renaming, adding, deleting pages or modules/chapters) in Lumen courses are not. Such changes require making the same changes in Canvas or importing a new ThinCC for that course.

A Note About Re-Importing Your ThinCC

If you need to import the ThinCC file for the same content again for any reason (for instance, if you’ve added several pages to the course and have requested a new ThinCC), please note that this will overwrite the existing Lumen content in your Canvas shell.  It won’t impact pages you’ve created in Canvas (quizzes, assignments, your syllabus, etc.), but it will replace any existing links to your Lumen course.

If you’ve made any of the “editing in Canvas” changes noted above, then these will be undone when you import the new ThinCC.  Sometimes that’s helpful, and sometimes that’s not.

We have alternate options for adding new pages or updating existing links, beyond the ThinCC.  If you have revised your Lumen materials and want to re-import, talk it over with us via to see which approach will be the most time-efficient.

If you’re importing ThinCCs to two or more different sets of Lumen materials into the same Canvas shell,  this won’t be a problem.  You can combine as many ThinCCs of different course materials as you want.