Introduction to OHM (online homework manager)

How to request an account

If you will be using Lumen Learning’s online homework management platform for auto-graded assessments in your math, stats, physics, or accounting course, you will need an instructor account. You may either go to this link: and follow the process described for requesting an account, or you can email and include the email and username you wish to associate with your account.  Please note that we manually verify every instructor account, and that your password will be auto-generated and you will need to change it upon login.

What is OHM?

OHM is the online homework platform used by Lumen Learning to deliver auto-graded assessments.  Most of the content available from OHM is CC licensed, and Lumen offers individualized support to institutions for course customization, LMS integration, and scaled adoption of OHM.

OHM can be used as a standalone LMS, or can be integrated into Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle, and Sakai.  Gradebook features include the ability to record offline grades, use weighted categories for calculating final course grades, and individual management of student scores. Currently, grade return is only provided for Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard.

Key Features

OHM houses several template courses that can be copied and customized to your department and student’s needs. Courses include algebra, precalculus, college algebra, Calculus, math for liberal arts, and introductory statistics.

Customization is easy with OHM’s flexible platform for creating assessments from our library of 10,000+ questions and videos, access to some of the most widely used math OER texts, and features such as discussion boards and email system.

Many math and accounting departments with a large staff of adjunct faculty have realized the benefit of using OHM as a way to manage and deliver content. It is easy to build a template course that can be copied either through the LMS or OHM. We hope you will soon realize how much OHM has to offer your department or classroom.

User Types

Guest – no information is saved when assessments are taken, used to preview features in OHM from a student perspective.

Student – user id and password required, grade information saved, can enroll in many courses at once if necessary, can only see personal data, can post to forums as designated by instructor.

Teacher – Can access student grade and activity information, but cannot change information in course. Has access to the faculty forums in the support course.

Limited Course Creator – Access student data, create courses, can designate group and global course templates, can create diagnostics.

Group Admin – can view and edit courses owned by anyone in the group, edit questions owned by anyone in the group, can create diagnostics.


Why Pay For Something You Can Get on the Internet Free?

Good citizenship requires participation and commitment.

Day 1 access and significant savings for students with several added benefits and reassurances for faculty.

1) Connection: Our support team could have a more interactive relationship with your department, understanding your needs and mapping those into the system enhancements as well as providing insight into resources and materials for other courses you may want to transition to open.

2) Features: There are several services that we can enable for your department. We can integrate OHM with Blackboard to automatically pass grades back into the Blackboard gradebook. We can also provide a model to easily create and replicate courses for large numbers of instructors, which institutions find particularly helpful in managing course preparation for adjuncts.

3) Support Guarantees: While we try to be helpful to all users, our first focus is immediate response and proactive contact for our paying support customers. We are also able to offer uptime and response time guarantees. As you become more dependent on OHM it will be reassuring to know that someone is “on the hook” to meet your needs. Ever accidentally delete something you really needed?  Lumen customers can have accidentally-deleted student data retrieved, whereas users of the “free” platform don’t have this level of support.

4) Future Sustainability: Our investment in the evolution of the platform is tied directly to the funding that we can bring in to pay for that. We will always offer a free version of the system, but are hopeful that those organizations that use it across their department will assist us in keeping the platform and the content current, available and secure.