Managing Students in MyOpenMath

Enrollment Methods

MyOpenMath ONLY supports student self-enrolling. It does NOT support uploading students from a file.

The best way to enroll students is via self-enrolling. In order for students to enroll themselves in your course, they will need two pieces of information: the Course ID and the Enrollment Key. Both of these items can be found on the Course Settings page.

Student will need either log-in or register as a new student. Once they’re logged-in, they will press Enroll in a New Class, and then insert the Course ID and Enrollment Key.

LTI vs. Non-LTI


What to Teach Your Students before They Dive In


Student Roster

The Roster page is the main page to interact with students in your course—there are several actions that can be performed from here.

Mass Email/Messaging

Perhaps the most useful tool on the Roster page is the capability to send mass emails and messages. Emails, of course, will be sent to the students’ email addresses while messages will be sent directly in MyOpenMath. You can use the check boxes on the side to select specific students, or you can use the Check/Uncheck All: box to select all of your students. Once you have the students selected, you can click E-mail or Message to contact your students.

To send a message only to students who haven’t completed a specific assignment, select all students and then in the options beneath the message check Limit send: and select the assignment in the drop-down menu.

It will then tell you which students will receive the message.


You can unenroll students from this page. You can unenroll students individually, or you can use the check boxes and the Unenroll button to remove multiple students.

Due Date Exceptions

Occasionally you’ll have a student who doesn’t complete an assignment on time for a legitimate reason, and you’ll want to extend the due date for that assignment. Once again, you can take this action on an individual basis or extend the due date for multiple students at once.

For an individual student click the word Exception in his or her row; for multiple students, select their check boxes and then click the Make Exception button. This will direct you to a page where you can select the assignment(s) and then adjust the available dates for the assignment. There are additional options, including the option to send a message to the student. Once you’ve changed the settings, press Record Changes.

Here’s a link to some instructional videos.