Supporting Your Students in OHM

For LTI Users and NON-LTI Users

For NON-LTI Users

Posting to Discussion Forums and Using the Editor

Once you’ve entered a discussion forum, you can Add a New Thread. In a new thread, you’ll add a subject and then the text you want to share. The text editor is a basic editor, but it also has three additional functions:

  • IconAdd new math
  • IconMath symbols
  • IconAdd/Edit graph

The Add new math function will bring up a red box where you can type your equation (e.g., x^2/4 + 6). When you click outside the box, it will render as “pretty math.” If you need to edit the equation, you can click it again. When you insert a graph, you will either need to click Add/Edit graph and then click the button again, or you will need to click Add/Edit graph and then double click on the graph. This will bring up the control panel for the graph, where you can edit the input for the graph.

You can also reply to threads by clicking Reply (this uses the same text editor). As the instructor, you can also Remove posts if need be. The original author of a post can edit their own text as well.

Using the student gradebook

When students click on Gradebook, they will see each assignment item, the points possible, their grade, the percent, and if the instructor left any feedback.

Sending a Message

There is an internal message system (accessible through the Message tab at the top of the site). Messages are sorted by course. One advantage to the message system over a standard email is that the message system in OHM can use the same math functionality we saw in the forums.

Here’s a link to some instructional videos.