Switch Between Public & Edit Views

You’ll notice that there’s a big difference between the edit views and the public views of Lumen courses. You’ll want to frequently move from one to the other, to see how changes you make in the edit view appear publicly.

PLEASE NOTE: the visual appearance of content in the edit view can be quite different from the public display of the same page. Fonts, spacing, and tables, in particular, can look different on edit views.

Accessing Edit Views

From the Course Dashboard

Click on the title of the page you’d like to edit. When you hover your mouse over the title, the font turns from red to black.

Font changes color when mouse hovers

Clicking the page title takes you to the edit view for that page.

Edit Screen in Candela

Click to enlarge for a view of the entire edit view

Obviously, you have lots of options and tools on this edit view…which are covered in more detail in this user guide. For now, note the right side of the screen, which is where you’ll save all the changes you make on this page.

In the “Publish” box, you’ll need to hit the red “Update” button to save any changes you make. Additionally, you can use the “Preview Changes” button to see what the public view looks like. It’s good practice to check this “Preview Changes” view frequently, both before you save and after. The “Preview Changes” button will open a new window in your web browser, so you can see both edit and public views of the page at the same time.

Publish Nugget

From Public Views

Once you’ve logged into your Lumen course, your view of the public views will change. You’ll notice two additions on every content page while navigating the course.

Course Content Page

The “Edit” tab on the left will send you back to the individual edit view for this particular content page. The “Admin” gear button on the right tab will take you to the edit dashboard of the entire course.

Accessing Public Views

After you’ve made edits and updated, the top of the page will update with a notification message. You can use this notification as a way to return to the public view, as well (see image below).

View Page options

The “View Page” link is always available in the red tool bar at the top of the edit view. The View Post link in the white bar appears only after you’ve updated the page. Each takes you to the same public view of the page.