About This Course

“History is our ongoing conversation with the past”. So say the authors of American Yawp. This course takes an approach to history that fosters a method of critical thought and a rigorous questioning of the history of the United States. Key topics include Reconstruction, Industrial America, conquering the West, capital and labor, the American empire, the progressive era, World War I and its aftermath, the 1920s, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, post-war affluence, the 1960s, cultural and societal conflicts, the rise of the right and conservatism, and the recent past from 1990 to the Great Recession.

This course is based on the collaborative, open, online text entitled American Yawp, and also includes an index of primary source material, high quality images, videos, and assignments from Openstax US History, with quizzes built by Lumen course editors.

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