Assignment: Socializing

Learning Objectives

  • Describe benefits of social interaction in college


  1. Make a list of your positive qualities. Acknowledge your accomplishments, talents, and good nature. Ask yourself the following questions to get you started:
    • What have I done in the past year that I am proud of?
    • What is my proudest accomplishment of all time?
    • What unique talents do I have?
    • What do people tend to compliment me for?
    • What positive impact have I had on other people’s lives?
  2. Draft your responses as a journal entry, diary entry, a poem or a brief essay.
  3. Submit your writing to a friend, a family member, or a social network. Reach out. Be social.
  4. After you share your work, journal 200 words or less about the benefits of social interaction in college.


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