Employment Resources

Learning Objectives

  • Identify employment resources on campus and in the community

We’ve identified some categories of work that are typically available to college students, but what about the actual process of finding a suitable job? You have a number of employment resources available to you on campus, online, and in the community:

  • Career centers: Most colleges have a career center where you can learn about job opportunities both on and off campus and also during the summer. Career center also have staff who can help you practice the interview process and write effective résumés and cover letters.
  • Career fairs: Many colleges organize on-campus career fairs (like the one shown in the photo, below). Local—and, in some cases, national—companies are invited to set up booths and share information with you about potential job and career opportunities.
  • Online job search: Web sites such as Careerbuilder, Snagajob, and even Craigslist post job listings for positions ranging from seasonal retail work to freelance writing opportunities. You should look for listings that include company and contact information, so you can confirm that the leads are legitimate and reputable.
  • Community businesses and places of worship: You may be surprised by the job opportunities they can find right in their own backyard. Don’t overlook community centers or bulletin boards in places like neighborhood coffee shops and grocery stores—someone always seems to need a dog walker, house sitter, or nanny. Churches, temples, and mosques are additional places that often have notice boards with “Help Wanted” listings.


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