Researching with Technology

Learning Objectives

  • Examine online learning in the context of organizing, communicating, reading, and researching online


Reading and Researching with Technology

In an online learning environment, you’re probably going to do more reading than listening. You may do some of your reading in printed form—say, an assigned novel or textbook—but some of it might also be online in the form of a Web page. Reading online isn’t the same as reading in print, so it’s important to practice some strategies that will improve your online reading comprehension and speed. Some of the strategies described in the next tutorial will help you with any kind of reading you’re doing—not just online material. Tutorial #5 discusses the following:

  • some of the differences between reading print and reading online
  • strategies for staying focused when reading online
  • ways to maximize your reading speed and comprehension

Below are two additional resources that complement the online reading strategies tutorial. They will help you use the Internet to find scholarly material and evaluate Web sites for accuracy, relevance, etc.

You can view the transcript for “Internet Skills 3: How to Use the Internet to Find Scholarly Material” here (opens in new window).

You can view the transcript for “Internet Skills 1: How to Evaluate a Website” here (opens in new window).



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