Transferable Skills

Learning Objectives

  • List transferable skills that will be valuable for any career path

Transferable (soft) skills may be used in multiple professions. They include, but are by no means limited to, skills listed below:

Dependable and punctual (showing up on time, ready to work, not being a liability) Self-motivated Enthusiastic
Willing to learn (lifelong learner) Committed A good problem solver
Adaptable (willing to change and take on new challenges) Strong in customer service skills A team player
Good in essential work skills (following instructions, possessing critical thinking skills, knowing limits) Positive attitude Strong communication skills
Able to accept constructive criticism Ethical Safety conscious
Strong in time management Honest

These skills are transferrable because they are positive attributes that are invaluable in practically any kind of work. They also do not require much training from an employer—you have them already and take them with you wherever you go. Soft skills are a big part of your “total me” package.

So, identify the soft skills that show you off the best, and identify the ones that prospective employers are looking for. By comparing both sets, you can more directly gear your job search to your strongest professional qualities.

10 Top Skills You Need to Get a Job When You Graduate

The following video summarizes the ten top skills that the Target corporation believes will get you a job when you graduate.

Note that the video above has no narration. You can view the transcript for “10 top skills that will get you a job when you graduate” here (opens in new window).

How to Find a New Job–Transferable Job Skills

If you are an international student, or perhaps English is your second language, the following video may especially appeal to you. It covers similar information to the 10 Top Skills video above. Discover how to find a new job more easily by learning how to identify and describe your transferable job skills in English.

You can view the transcript for “How to find a new job – Transferable Job Skills” here (opens in new window).

For more extensive exploration, visit this checklist of transferable skills from Community Employment Services in Woodstock, Ontario.


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