Identify Your Time Management Style (text version)

Powerpoint slide, with 3 circles labeled Step 1 (highlighted), Step 2, and Step 3 at the top. Title: Identify your Time Management. Then a panel with four images, labeled "As the day wore on...". On the left, a drawing of a woman looking alert, with a full lit candle superimposed on her. Next panel, the woman looks at a calculator or cell phone, and the candle has burned down somewhat. Next panel, the candle is even lower, and she holds her head in her hand with her glasses off and on the table. Final panel, the candle is burned out and she has laid her head on the table, asleep.

The following self-assessment survey can help you determine your time-management personality type. Read each question in the Questions column. Then read the possible responses. Select one response for each question. Each response should reflect what you probably would do in a given situation, not what you think is the “right” answer. Put a checkmark in the My Time Management Type column next to your likely response.

QUESTIONS RESPONSES: Which response most closely matches what you would do? In the right column, check one response (a, b, c or d) for each question. MY TIME MANAGEMENT TYPE
1 Your instructor just gave your class the prompts for your first essay, which is due in two weeks. How do you proceed from here? a. Choose a prompt and begin working on a thesis immediately. Better to get it out of the way! Ο Early bird
b. Read over the prompts and let them sink in for a week or so. You’ll still have one more week to finish the assignment, right? Ο Balancing act
c. Read the prompts and maybe start playing around with ideas, but wait to really start writing until the day before. You swear it’s all in your head somewhere! Ο Pressure cooker
d. Definitely last. You’ll wait until everyone else has done their work, so you can make sure you are not duplicating efforts. Whatever, this is why you hate group work. Ο Improviser
2 You are working on a group assignment that requires you to split up responsibilities with three other classmates. When would you typically finish your part? a. First. Then you’re done and don’t have to worry about it. Plus it could give you time in case you want to tweak anything later. Ο Early bird
b. After one or two of the others have submitted their materials to the group, but definitely not last. You wanted to see how they approached it first. Ο Balancing act
c. Maybe last, but definitely before the assignment due date and hopefully before any of the other group members ask about it. Ο Pressure cooker
d. Definitely last. You’ll wait until everyone else has done their work, so you can make sure you are not duplicating efforts. Whatever, this is why you hate group work. Ο Improviser
3 Your instructor just shared the instructions for your next assignment and you read them but don’t quite understand what he’s asking for in a certain part. What would you probably do? a. Send the instructor an email that afternoon. When he doesn’t respond that night, email him again. This is your worst nightmare—you just want to know what he wants!! Ο Early bird
b. Send him an email asking for clarification, giving yourself enough time to wait for his response and then complete the assignment. Better to be safe than sorry. Ο Balancing act
c. Try to figure it out for yourself. You’re pretty sure what he’s trying to say, and you’ll give it your best shot. Ο Pressure cooker
d. Don’t say anything until after the assignment is due. Other people in the class felt the same way too, probably! Ο Improviser
4 The course you are taking requires you to post in a weekly discussion forum by Sunday night each week so the class can talk about everyone’s posts on Monday. When do you submit your posts? a. Tuesday night, after the first day of class that week. Then it’s out of the way. Ο Early bird
b. Thursday or Friday night. You want to let the week’s discussion sink in a little so you can collect your thoughts. Ο Balancing act
c. Sunday night. You always forget during the weekend! Ο Pressure cooker
d. Monday at 3 AM. That still counts as Sunday night, right? Ο Improviser
5 You have an important assignment due Monday morning, and you have a social/work/family obligation that will keep you busy for most of the weekend. It is now the Wednesday before the assignment is due. How would you approach this dilemma? a. You already finished it yesterday, the day it was assigned. Done! Ο Early bird
b. You tell yourself that you’ll finish it by Friday night, and you manage this by chipping away at it over those 3 days. …Little. By. Little. Ο Balancing act
c. You tell yourself that you’ll finish it by Friday night, so you can have your weekend free, but you still have a little left to do on Sunday—no big deal. Ο Pressure cooker
d. You tell yourself that you’ll take the weekend off, then stay up late on Sunday or wake up early on Monday to finish it. It’s not a final or anything, and you have a life. Ο Improviser
6 You have to read 150 pages before your next class meeting. You have 4 days to do so. What would you most likely do? a. 150 pages divided by 4 days means… a little less than 40 pages a day. You like to chunk it this way because then you’ll also have time to go over your notes and highlights, and come up with questions for the instructor. Ο Early bird
b. 150 pages divided by…well … 2 days (because it’s been a long week), means 75 pages a day. Totally doable. Ο Balancing act
c. 150 pages, the day before it is due. You did this to yourself, it’s fine. Ο Pressure cooker
d. How much time does it take to skim the text for keywords and/or find a summary online? Ο Improviser

Which of the four basic time-management personality types did you select the most? Which did you select the least?