Assignment: Finding Evidence

Revisit the working thesis you have for your essay so far. That thesis makes claims: it argues that a particular problem faces a particular student population group, and it argues for an effective solution for that problem.

  1. Define your claims (from your working thesis statement). They will look something like,
    • Claim 1: this problem exists
    • Claim 2: this problem can be solved with this solution
  2. Make a list of evidence that will be required to prove to your reader that each claim is true. Include 3-5 items of evidence for each claim.
    • Some evidence might come from personal experience, some evidence from what you’ve witnessed others experience, and some might be guesses or hypotheses of what you assume to be true.
  3. For each item on the list, do some initial research that helps you understand each. See if you can find people who’ve had similar experiences, or suggestions for college success, or data regarding what practices are most effective.
  4. Write two brief paragraphs (3-5 sentences, each) summarizing what you find in your initial research. One paragraph will address each claim and what the research tells you about it.