Assignment: Problem Analysis Essay Final Draft

Prepare the final draft of your essay, making the strongest version of your work possible.  Work with your tutors at the Enhancement Center as needed to finalize the essay. Submit here when finished.

Problem Analysis Essay Overview

This module will ask you to practice the stages of the writing process. You will develop an essay to be finalized by the end of this module.

The term “college student” corrals a wide range of types of students in a single term. In this essay, we’ll pick apart the broad term and examine how a smaller subset of students participate in higher education.

As you’ve no doubt witnessed yourself, particular populations of students face unique sets of challenges as they experience higher education.

For this essay, you will select a specific category of college students, identify one particular challenge facing this category, and analyze ways to overcome that problem that will be particularly effective for this group of people.

The thesis for this essay will propose specific solutions for the problem you identify for the category of student population you’ve chosen.  The thesis will be supported in the body of the essay with evidence demonstrating why this problem exists and how it can effectively be overcome.

Assignment Details

The final essay will be 500-750 words long.  It will include a thesis statement that is supported by evidence.  It will be well-organized, and display evidence of careful application of the writing process.


In order to successfully complete this assessment, a submitted essay must reach “Meets or Exceeds Expectations” in all categories.

Criteria Ratings
Topic & Thesis Statement Meets or Exceeds Expectations

  • essay topic has been personalized to refine the assignment prompt
  • contains a clearly identifiable thesis statement that drives the essay content
Approaching Expectations

  • essay topic is a generic answer to the assignment prompt
  • contains a thesis statement that relates to most essay content
Does Not Meet Expectations

  • essay topic does not match the assignment prompt
  • does not contain a thesis statement, or thesis statement does not relate to most essay content
Evidence Meets or Exceeds Expectations

  • sufficient and varied evidence provided to justify the thesis statement
Approaching Expectations

  • insufficient evidence provided to justify the thesis statement
Does Not Meet Expectations

  • no evidence provided, or evidence does not justify the thesis statement
Organization Meets or Exceeds Expectations

  • contains a clearly identifiable introduction, body section, and conclusion
  • follows a logical pattern of development
  • applies transitions effectively
Approaching Expectations

  • contains an introduction, and/or body section, and/or conclusion
  • has a pattern of development, but needs further attention to paragraphing
  • insufficient use of transitions
Does Not Meet Expectations

  • missing introduction, body section, or conclusion elements
  • no clear pattern of development
  • little to no use of transitions
Editing and Proofreading Meets or Exceeds Expectations

  • evidence that higher-order editing concerns have been identified and addressed
  • evidence that lower-order proofreading concerns have been identified and addressed, though minor patterns of error might remain
Approaching Expectations

  • higher-order editing concerns may not have been addressed
  • lower-order editing concerns may not have been addressed.  Significant patterns of error remain.
Does Not Meet Expectations

  • fundamental issues with higher-order editing concerns present in draft
  • fundamental issues with lower-order editing concerns present in draft