Try It: Prewriting

Prewriting Activity

For this essay, you will select a specific category of college students, identify one particular challenge facing this category, and analyze ways to overcome that problem that will be particularly effective for this group of people.


To Do

Starting from the perspective of the student group(s) you previously identified for your topic, concentrate on the types of problems that seem to face that particular population of students.

  1. Create a list, mind-map, or 10-minute free write that explores the problems related to your chosen student group, concerning higher education.
  2. Circle the 2 problems that jump out to you from this activity, that seem the most relevant or important.
  3. Do you have ideas at this point of how either of these problems might be addressed?
    • Write a sentence or two that selects one problem and proposes a solution for it, specific to this student population. (This can change later. It’s a working thesis statement, for now.)