Try It: Thesis

Reading Journal Component #5

To Do

  1. After having read through the selected reading in previous Try It exercises, now put the reading to the side. Without referring to it, write one sentence in your Reading Journal that summarizes what you feel the overall purpose of the reading was.
  2. After writing this sentence, go back to the text. Is there a sentence in the text that says something very similar to what you wrote down?
  3. In your Reading Journal, describe this reading’s thesis. Is it an explicit or implicit thesis? If it’s explicit, include the sentence from the text as a quote that you identify as the thesis. If it’s implicit, describe why you feel the author chose not to put an explicit thesis in the work.
  4. Also in your Reading Journal, write a paragraph that describes how the thesis relates to the topic sentences of the paragraphs. Include 2 topic sentences as quotes, and explain each’s relationship to the thesis.