Try It: Vocabulary

Reading Journal Component #4

To Do

  1. From your selected reading, identify 1 word which is new to you, or used in a way you’re unfamiliar with.
  2. Use at least 3 different resources to help you define this word. Options include:
    • Google‘s dictionary (type “define:” in front of the word and hit search)
    • online dictionaries like Merriam-Webster,, or Wikictionary
    • print dictionaries
    • online thesauruses like
    • print thesauruses
    • the reference tools available from your school’s library website
    • discussing the word with a tutor or an instructor
  3. Write a brief paragraph (2-4 sentences) that explains which of these provided the most useful definition to you, and why.
  4. Write a paraphrase of this word’s definition, using the reference tools as a guide.