Introduction to Learning Hacks

The Hack

Knowing just a little about how you learn can save you time

Decorative image - sign that says "Learning Hacks"

The Story

We know that you’re not always interested in learning for the sake of learning. While you probably find many of your classes interesting, there may be some that you’re just trying to get through because you have to take them. We also know that many of you are trying to balance your class work with a job (or jobs!), childcare, and other responsibilities. We get it. We want to help you learn what you need to learn to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Understanding a little about how you learn can save you time.  We’re not going to make you dig into the research; rather, we’ve done that and are going to summarize the research for you in a way that hopefully enables you to put it into action.  Remember, we’re trying to save you time, not cost you more time!

You’ll see these learning hacks sprinkled throughout the course – no more than one per module.  If you are curious to see what’s coming, we’ve provided the complete list of them below.  Hopefully these hacks help you not just in this class, but in all of your coursework.  Good luck!

  • What’s the Best Use of My (Limited!) Time?
  • What is Mindset and Why Does It Matter?
  • How Often Should I Study?
  • Should I Ask for Help?
  • How Should I Study Across Topics?
  • The Myth of Multitasking
  • Learning Styles
  • Don’t Bother Highlighting