Entering Answers for Practice Problems

Welcome to College Algebra.  On each page of this interactive text, you will find opportunities to practice skills and gain feedback instantly.  The following practice problems are intended to help you understand how to enter your answers for these types of activities.

Typically, you will see practice problems in green text boxes like the one below. In this problem, you are asked to enter a numerical answer. Read the introduction carefully so you don’t get frustrated later.

Try It

You may have noticed the prompt above the question that says ” Try another version of this question.”  Most of the practice questions in this text are randomized so that when you click on the link, you will get another version of the question with new numbers. These problems are intended for practice, so try them as many times as you like.  No scores are kept, and there’s never a due date :).

In the next sample problem, you are given an opportunity to interact with the embedded equation editor.  Some people find it easier to use the editor for things like square roots, fractions and exponents. Give it a try!

Try It

Sometimes you will be asked to enter a mathematical expression or equation that contains things like square roots, fractions, or exponents. The next practice problem will give you a chance to try it out.

Try It

In our last practice problem, we give you an opportunity to test-drive the graphing capability of the assessment engine. You are asked to plot ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. Don’t worry if you don’t remember how to do this, we give you instructions below.

Try It

Remember, the practice problems in this text are intended for you to try as many times as you like. No one is keeping track! Practice as much as you need.


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