Module 13 Discussion: Marketing Campaign Concept


Write a post for the Discussion on this topic, addressing the questions below. You may use either written paragraph or bullet point format. Part 1 should be 2–3 paragraphs in length or an equivalent amount of content in bullet point form. Responses to your classmates’ posts should be 1–2 paragraphs or several bullet points in length.

Part 1: Marketing Campaign Concept

Briefly describe the marketing campaign concept you are proposing in your marketing plan. Be sure to include the following:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is your goal?
  • What approach and strategy are you using for the campaign?

What is your proposed promotion mix, and which specific marketing communication tools will you use? Why do you think this is the right promotion mix for achieving your goals with this audience?

Part 2: Respond to Classmates’ Posts

After you have created your own post, look over the discussion posts of your classmates and respond to at least two of them.

Part 3: Incorporate Feedback

Review the feedback you receive from classmates and your instructor. Use this feedback to revise and improve your work before submitting it as part of the “Complete Marketing Plan” assignment.

Grading Rubric for Discussion Posts

The following grading rubric may be used consistently for evaluating all discussion posts.

Discussion Grading Rubric

Discussion Grading Rubric
Criteria Not Evident Developing Exemplary Point Value Possible
Submit your initial response No post made – 0 pts Post is either late or off-topic – 2 pts Post is made on time and is focused on the prompt – 5 pts Point value possible – 5 pts
Respond to at least two peers’ presentations No response to peers – 0 pts Responded to only one peer – 2 pts Responded to two peers – 5 pts Point value possible –5 pts

Total Points Possible for Discussion Assignment: 10pts.