About This Course

This OER math course provides a powerful combination of learning tools:

  • Editable text, videos, and other curated instructional content
  • Well-aligned quizzes, assessments, and assignments created in our powerful online math homework engine, Lumen OHM

Together these tools provide great flexibility to customize learning content and activities to fit your course outcomes and your students’ needs. This course also gives students the rigorous practice they need to master math concepts and skills.

This course is based on the text Math in Society, edited by David Lippman, Pierce College Ft Steilacoom.

This book is a survey of contemporary mathematical topics, most non-algebraic, appropriate for a college-level quantitative literacy topics course for liberal arts majors. The text is designed so that most chapters are independent, allowing the instructor to choose a selection of topics to be covered. Emphasis is placed on the applicability of the mathematics. Core material for each topic is covered in the main text, with additional depth available through exploration assignments appropriate for in-class, group, or individual investigation.

About Lumen

Lumen Learning’s mission is to make great learning opportunities available to all students, regardless of socioeconomic background.

We do this by using open educational resources (OER) to create well-designed and low-cost course materials that replace expensive textbooks. Because learning is about more than affordability and access, we also apply learning science insights and efficacy research to develop learning activities that are engineered to improve subject mastery, course completion and retention.

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