Assignment: Logic Writing Task

Logical fallacies appear around us all the time, and may occasionally even slip out of our own mouths (until we read this section of the text, of course).

Identify an example of a logical fallacy you find in the “real world.” Consider arguments or claims made by your friends, family members, community members, advertisements, characters on TV, politicians. You can search online for inspiration, if you want, but don’t just copy someone else’s explanation of a logical fallacy you find online.¬†Choose one that you find personally meaningful or impacts you directly in some way.

In 3-5 paragraphs, discuss this logical fallacy and the impact it has.

  • Summarize the situation of the logical fallacy–who said it, where, when, and to whom?
  • Quote or paraphrase it
  • Identify what kind of logical fallacy it is

You should also address some of the following:

  • What impact does this logical fallacy have in the situation? Do people notice or recognize it?
  • What might be a better way for the person to make a similar, but logically sound, argument?
  • Is there a way that you could respectfully point out the error in the logic to the person who said it? If so, what would you say?
  • What impact does this logical fallacy have on the speaker’s credibility overall?
  • What kind of pattern does this logical fallacy represent in similar situations? How could it be avoided in the future?
  • Any other comments you find helpful in understanding the outcome of this situation.