Additional Instructor Resources

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Additional Instructor Resources by Module

Additional ideas and suggestions for activities specific to each module are included here:

If you would like to include your own resources or have recommendations for additions or modifications, you are invited to contribute! If you would like to share your materials with other faculty and have them included in our list of options, please send them with an explanatory message to Be sure to mention which course and learning outcome(s) they align with when you send a message.


All videos used in the text of this course have been compiled in a spreadsheet for easy review. This spreadsheet details the alignment of videos appearing in the text to skill-level learning outcomes.

Link to access the spreadsheet: Abnormal Psychology Video List.

Noba Instructor Resources

Visit the Noba website to download the Noba instructor manual.

Noba requests that instructors register and log in to request access to the test bank.