Module 8 Discussion: Eating Disorders Clinic

Treatment for Eating Disorders

STEP 1: Find an example of an eating disorder clinic and include the link to their website. Do some research to learn the following:

  • What types of programs do they have available?
  • What conditions do they treat?
  • What is the cost?
  • Is insurance accepted?
  • Do they have in-patient and out-patient options?
  • What is the typical length of treatment?

Include evidence from the text to decide if what is offered at this clinic is in line with the research on what is known to be effective for the treatment of eating disorders. Based on this information, would you recommend this clinic to a friend or family member who needed help? Why or why not?

STEP 2: Post your reply (in at least 250 words) in the discussion forum. Your response should include a clear stance on the issue with supporting evidence as to why you feel the way you do. Show that you can think critically on the topic by integrating your own thoughts, analysis, or experiences.

STEP 3: Respond in two separate posts to two classmates (in at least 75 words). Explicitly address their responses and try to extend, complicate, or redirect their points in a substantive, knowledge-demonstrating way.