Module 9 Discussion: Addiction Treatment Program

Local Community Prevention & Treatment

STEP 1: Imagine that you work for an agency that has the goal of substantially reducing the rate of drug abuse in your local community. For this discussion, you will recommend an addiction treatment program for your community.

  • First, Review the National Institutes of Health: National Institute on Drug Abuse website, specifically focusing on the Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment. Consider all elements of Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model. Notice that each individual is part of multiple overlapping systems. This is an important consideration for helping your agency develop a comprehensive drug abuse prevention and treatment program.
  • Based on your knowledge of addiction, what elements should the program include?
  • How will you incorporate evidence-based approaches?

STEP 2: Post your reply (in at least 250 words) in the discussion forum. Your response should include a clear stance on the issue with supporting evidence as to why you feel the way you do. Show that you can think critically on the topic by integrating your own thoughts, analysis, or experiences.

STEP 3: Respond in two separate posts to two classmates (in at least 75 words). Explicitly address their responses and try to extend, complicate, or redirect their points in a substantive, knowledge-demonstrating way.