Module 2 Assignment: Calculations and Solving Equations


  1. Write an equation for each context. Draw a model first if necessary, and make sure you define your variable and what it represents.
    1. Tom has $12,484 in his bank account. Six months ago, he had $1,240. How much does Tom get paid each month if he has only deposited his monthly paycheck into his account?
    2. Sixty-five pounds of candy was divided into four different boxes. The second box contained twice the amount of the first box. The third box contained two more pounds than the first box. The last box contained one-fourth the amount in the second box. How much candy was in each box?
    3. Simon is ordering equipment for his tennis team. He orders a racquet and can of three tennis balls for each player. Each can of balls costs $4. For a team of 5 players, his bill total is $415. How much does each racquet cost?
  2. Write a word problem or context that models the following equations. Try to make your real-life.
    1. ½ x + 6 = 81
    2. (2t + 5) – t = 26
    3. 2(L) + 3(4L) = 990.50
 Solve the following real-life problems.
    1. The sum of two numbers is 52. One number is three less than quadruple the other number. What are the two numbers?
    2. Martha divides $94 amongst her four friends. Leon gets twice as much money as Kokyangwuti. Jill gets five more dollars than Leon. Isaac gets ten less dollars than Kokyangwuti. How much money does each friend get?
    3. Elizabeth has $26 left after shopping at the mall. She bought 2 shirts for $22.99 each, a drink for $2.02, and 2 books for $16 each. How much money did she start with?

This assignment is also available for download as a Word Document.