Putting It Together: The Respiratory System

Understanding how our respiratory system works is key to understanding how respiratory diseases suppress our ability to function normally or can even be fatal.

It’s the beginning of 2021 and medical professionals (doctors, researchers, etc.) have been working tirelessly to learn more about COVID-19, so that they can provide better treatment for those who are infected with the virus.

This video shows the current understanding of how COVID-19 affects the human lungs.

This article from Yale Medicine describes why some COVID-19 patients need ventilators and why hospitals were first scrambling to procure enough ventilators at the beginning of the pandemic.


It is tempting to view different topics as completely separate, but in fact the ideas we cover in this course are often connected to one another. If you don’t retain the vocabulary from module to module, those connections can be missed. As you continue on, remember to come back and review the terms you’ve learned in order to increase your depth of knowledge.