Introduction to Business Reports

What you’ll learn to do: Discuss the different types of reports and their purposes

Employees in most organizations create and use reports; however, it’s important to remember that the business report is a markedly different document than a report created in an academic setting.

Illustration of a person holding a printed report. The report has lines representing text alongside a pie chart.

Reports are a key communication tool in business; they effectively share and retain information and decisions. Reports are classified into two main types: informal reports and formal reports. Both of those classifications are further broken down by type of information. This module describes these report structures and types. In this module, you’ll learn the following:

  • Which type of report to use and when
  • What sections may be found in each type of report
  • How to format reports

A report that is laid out well facilitates the reader’s understanding of its content. With a clear function and purpose, a well-formatted report establishes the credibility and professional abilities of the report’s creator.