Introduction to Communication Tools

What you’ll learn to do: Recognize common types of tools for audio, video, and web sharing tools

The set of specific sites, applications, and platforms for communication grows almost daily, and each service offers its own combination of features, attributes, and benefits at a wide range of price points. The basic types we will discuss in this module include the following:

  • Regular landline phones and cell phones with two or more people on the call.
  • VOIP phone systems through hardwired phones, cell phones, and computers.
  • Videoconferencing sites.
  • Web sharing sites.
  • Multi-feature online communication platforms such as Google Hangouts, Slack, and Amazon Chime.

The following modules will discuss these applications assuming you get to choose which ones you use. However, it’s worth asking your boss whether your company already has preferred platforms for communicating through technology. Your organization might have paid subscriptions that allow you access to special features or increased levels of security. If you work for a very large corporation, some of those features may even have been customized just for its workforce. If that’s the case, this module will still be helpful for you in understanding how to choose a communication channel and what the best practices are for using it.