Introduction to Contemporary Visual Aids

What you’ll learn to do: Discuss the use of video in business messages

Every day, hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and a millions of hours of video are watched. Impressive, to be sure, and while it doesn’t mean that your audience is out on YouTube searching for business communications, it does mean that they’ve grown accustomed to, or have even established a preference for, consuming information delivered on video.

Luckily, videos are amazingly easy and inexpensive to make these days. A communicator can create and deliver a video using nothing more than a phone; or, with minimal investment, purchasing a few microphones and a camera with a decent lens can create a more polished, higher-quality product.

If it’s true that facts bore and stories sell, then perhaps your message is better delivered in the format of a video. In this section, we’ll talk about the kind of message that works best for a video and how to put together your first blockbuster communication hit.