Introduction to Informal Reports

What you’ll learn to do: Create an informal report

An icon of a report.Informal reports in the business setting are usually shorter in length and have fewer sections than a formal report. Employees in most organizations create and use informal reports. Almost all informal reports are for internal use. Some institutions have prescribed formats and others do not. As we’ve previously discussed, an informal report fits in one of two large categories:

  • informational report
  • analytical report

An informational report provides background and information without reaching an evaluation. These include simple reports like meeting minutes, expense reports, and progress, or status updates. An analytical report provides much the same information as the informational report along with evaluation or recommendation. These reports may include feasibility studies, justification reports, and proposals.

Most organizations have specific forms and policies for the simplest reports, such as a mileage reimbursement report. Other simple reports are not as restricted.