Introduction to Selling Your Products

What you’ll learn to do: Use various types of social media to increase your sales

Recall that our goal with social media use is a positive exchange with customers around a product or service. We use social media to reach a wide audience inexpensively. This audience is both internal—our own company or organization—and external—our customers and sometimes even our vendors. Depending on your organization’s leadership, some might argue that internal communications, and getting these right, can be just as important as interaction and messaging with clients and vendors. The area of overlap between business communication and marketing, particularly with social media use, is gray.

In the following pages, we will look at contextual use of social media and place it in our framework for social media use below:

  1. To bring services or products to market; increase awareness.
  2. To engage customers, often with respect to service issues or problems.
  3. To encourage a “buzz” or interest around a company and its product(s) or service(s).