Introduction to the Three-Part Writing Process

What you’ll learn to do: Identify the three parts of the writing process

Writing a message that is consistently well received can become a habit, but it can be hard for new writers to achieve. The three part writing process ensures the best outcome each time.

A diagram of the writing process. Step 1 is "Plan", which includes "purpose, preliminary research, [and] outline/organization". The second step is to "write", which includes "writing, phrasing/wording, [and] layout and pages". The third step is to "revise", which includes "grammar, proofreading, [and] verify purpose."

Good writers plan their messages, often using an outline or notes made before writing the message. Lack of a plan before writing may seem to save a writer time, but it can confuse the writer once they begin, and it slows the receiver. The communication will not be at its best that way. This module discusses how to improve speed and clarity in communication. With a solid outline, the actual writing focuses on phrasing and word choice. This module discusses how to word the message with a you-view. Finally, the message is reviewed and revised. This module provides the final clean-up tools to help you proofread during the revising step.