Introduction to Writing the Right Message

What you’ll learn to do: Write a business communication given a specific audience and purpose

In business, being requested to write a business communication of some type can feel like “one more work assignment.” It is tempting to quickly jot and send that email or letter. However, by doing so, employees may miss the opportunity to help their company do more–and miss the opportunity for advancement. Crafting messages correctly is perhaps the single best way to polish your company’s and your own image.

Focusing the communication effort on the message’s receiver results in business objectives quickly achieved, and growing writer credibility. The results are subtle but the impact is large.

What are two keys to success in business communication? Focusing on audience and purpose as a writer. This section delves into how to focus on the audience (the people you are writing to) and the purpose (the reason you are writing).

Watch It

The following video introduces a different business communication’s course, but the content is common to all courses.