Learning Outcomes

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The content, assignments, and assessments for Business Communication Skills for Managers are aligned to the following learning outcomes. A full list of course learning outcomes can be viewed here: Business Communication Skills for Managers Learning Outcomes.

Module 1: Communicating in Business

Identify key principles in business communication

  • Discuss the importance of effective communication in business Effective Communication in Business
  • Differentiate between different methods of communication Methods of Communication
  • Discuss the importance of ethical communication Ethics in Business Communication
  • Discuss the importance of staying connected with colleagues, other professionals, and customers in the digital age

Module 2: Writing in Business

Discuss different processes and considerations involved in writing in business

  • Write a business communication given a specific audience and purpose
  • Discuss the impact that word choice and tone can have on a business message
  • Identify the three parts of the writing process
  • Use common word processing software to write business messages

Module 3: Written Communication

Identify the appropriate use of different channels of written communication in business

  • Discuss the shift from paper to digital communication
  • Compose emails and memos intended for an audience within the same company or team as the writer
  • Identify other common methods of professional communication
  • Discuss appropriate ways to communicate to an audience outside of the company
  • Determine the appropriate communication channel for a specific type of message

Module 4: Research

Use traditional and online tools and methods to find, evaluate, and process information

  • Discuss the importance of data and identify its role in business
  • Process information from internal sources
  • Evaluate and practice preliminary, intermediate, and advanced search techniques
  • Evaluate and practice methods of analysis to assess the quality and reliability of a source
  • Discuss issues of plagiarism, copyright and fair use

Module 5: Visual Media

Create meaningful visual media

  • Find the best media to present your message
  • Discuss how to most effectively use images in business messages and identify potential sources for these images
  • Discuss how to most effectively use charts, diagrams, and other graphics in business messages and identify potential sources for these visual aids
  • Discuss the use of video in business messages
  • Identify ways to make information more accessible to your audience
  • Incorporating meaningful visual media in business messages

Module 6: Reports

Create various types of business reports

  • Discuss the different types of reports and their purposes
  • Create an informal report
  • Create formal reports and proposals

Module 7: Public Speaking

Identify key principles in public speaking for business

  • Identify key principles of effective public speaking
  • Describe delivery techniques for use during a public speech
  • Identify the role and importance of your audience
  • Discuss tips and tricks to giving an effective speech

Module 8: Developing and Delivering Business Presentations

Create a presentation using slides and other visual aids

  • Discuss the usefulness of visual aids and identify common presentation tools
  • Create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Create a presentation using Google Slides
  • Create a presentation intended for a business meeting

Module 9: Communicating through Technology

Organize and participate in meetings using phone and video conferencing tools

  • Recognize common types of tools for audio, video, and web sharing tools
  • Use common planning tools to schedule business meetings
  • Schedule meetings with audio, video, and web sharing components
  • Use audio conferencing tools effectively in a business context
  • Use video conferencing tools effectively in a business context
  • Use web sharing tools effectively in a business context

Module 10: Social Media

Use social media to present a business message

  • Identify common social media platforms used by businesses
  • Identify social media platforms that are typically less frequently used by businesses
  • Use various types of social media to increase your sales
  • Use various types of social media to build affinity with your customers and make your brand stand out

Module 11: Communicating Different Messages

Write various types of business messages, including informative messages, team-focused messages, criticism, and response messages

  • Identify the appropriate usage of informative business messages and write an informative business message
  • Discuss the importance of team-focused communication in business
  • Write a business message criticizing internal or external business situations
  • Write a response to criticism

Module 12: Collaboration in and across Teams

Identify ways to collaborate in business within a team and across multiple teams

  • Discuss the role and types of teams in workplace communication
  • Discuss strategies for working in collaborative projects
  • Discuss best practices in workplace etiquette

Module 13: Social Diversity in the Workplace

Propose solutions to challenges that may occur in communication, especially across cultures in a global marketplace

  • Define diversity and discuss its influence on the workplace
  • Discuss how different cultures impact the workplace
  • Discuss the how gender impacts communication in the workplace
  • Discuss the impact of disabilities in the workplace
  • Discuss different strategies for talking to individuals from a different generation
  • Discuss strategies for creating a functional workplace by combating biases

Module 14: Finding a Job

Create a resume, a cover letter, and a profile on professional social media sites

  • Discuss how to gain skills necessary for professional life
  • Discuss the importance of networking, and identify strategies to increase your professional network
  • Produce a résumé and a cover letter
  • Discuss effective interview strategies and prepare for common interview questions

Module 15: Recruiting and Selecting New Employees

Describe effective strategies for recruiting and selecting qualified job applicants

  • Describe effective strategies for recruiting qualified job applicants
  • Discuss the key elements of a successful interview
  • Identify the key steps in selecting a new employee