Introduction to Using Word with Excel and PowerPoint

Up to this point in the course, each of the computer applications has been treated as separate, standalone apps. In the world of business however, each application can be integrated, in various ways, into the others to enhance the reporting, presenting, and communication tasks of business on a daily basis. Integrating Word, Excel, and PowerPoint makes business communication more effective by organizing separated information into one place for easy access and analysis.

These skills from this course to this point will now be used to see how these computer applications can be integrated to accomplish business tasks. To accomplish this, let’s look at an example scenario.

The Rowan Retail store is about to have their annual review of their sales figures and Rosamine Ruiz has been asked to write up a one-page report explaining the sales trends for the past three years for the store’s General Manager (GM). Rosamine has collected all of the information she needs and is now ready to begin her report in Word. Follow her progress through the pages in this section.

There are many ways in which integration can take place in a Word document. At times new content must be created. Other times content from other sources and documents need to be incorporated and integrated into the Word document. As Rosamine will discover, each document can be a mix of both new and existing content. As you work more over time with Word, you will discover additional ways to integrate many elements into one document.