Learning Outcomes


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The content, assignments, and assessments for Computer Applications for Managers are aligned to the following learning outcomes. A full list of course learning outcomes can be viewed here: Computer Applications for Managers Learning Outcomes.

Module 1: Intro to Computers

Use basic functions of a computer

  • Determine what operating system you have
  • Manage multiple windows
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks
  • Navigate the Start menu to locate programs, files, and settings
  • Create files and folders
  • Organize files and folders
  • Delete and restore files and folders using the Recycle Bin
  • Take a screenshot

Module 2: Internet Research

Use the internet to conduct research

  • Identify three main browsers used to access the internet
  • Identify basic navigation tools used in a browser
  • Perform a web search using two different search engines
  • Identify number of results from a search
  • Open the first web search engine results
  • Add additional parameters to the web search
  • Identify changes in the search results
  • Run a web search for an image

Module 3: Microsoft Word, part 1

Create documents and format text in Microsoft Word

  • Create a new Word document
  • Save a file in Word
  • Distinguish different file types in Word and when to use them
  • Reorganize text within a paragraph
  • Make text italic, bold, or underlined
  • Change the size, fond, and color of text
  • Change alignment of text
  • Change line spacing of text
  • Create and format numbered and unnumbered lists

Module 4: Microsoft Word, part 2

Use Microsoft Word tools to improve workflow, change page layout, and add advance formatting

  • Create document from a template
  • Change text using text effects
  • Correct spelling and grammar errors
  • Find and replace text
  • Set up tab stops
  • Create columns
  • Insert text into header and footer
  • Create and modify text boxes

Module 5: Microsoft Word, part 3

Create documents with tables, images, hyperlinks, and watermarks in Microsoft Word

  • Create and edit a table
  • Convert Existing text into a table
  • Apply table styles and formatting
  • Insert images
  • Change image layout options
  • Add a hyperlink
  • Insert a watermark

Module 6: Microsoft Excel, part 1

Create workbooks and format text in Microsoft Excel

  • Create new excel table
  • Add data to a table
  • Apply table styles
  • Apply cell styles
  • Change cell format
  • Add, delete, and move columns and rows
  • Change width of columns and rows
  • Use Flash Fill
  • Use AutoSum button

Module 7: Microsoft Excel, part 2

Add worksheets, organize data, and create charts in Microsoft Excel

  • Create a new workbook with more than one worksheet
  • Sort data in a table
  • Filter data in a table
  • Use COUTIF and IF functions
  • Create a clustered column chart
  • Modify chart style
  • Create sparklines
  • Create and apply conditional formatting
  • Change margins and page layout orientation

Module 8: Microsoft Powerpoint, part 1

Add basic objects and design elements to presentations

  • Edit an existing presentation
  • Add, delete, and move slides
  • Use the Outline and Normal views
  • Insert text boxes
  • Add header and footer to slides
  • Change theme on a presentation
  • Change slide transition effects

Module 9: Microsoft Powerpoint, part 2

Create presentations with images and videos.

  • Create and save a new presentation
  • Add images and clip art
  • Create and insert SmartArt
  • Add videos
  • Arrange objects

Module 10: Integration

Integrate elements of the internet, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint across all three applications.

  • Create a Word document with customized template
  • Create a Word document with integrated Excel table
  • Create a Word document with integrated Excel chart
  • Create a Word document with Inserted Powerpoint hyperlink
  • Create a Word document with inserted icon
  • Modify PowerPoint custom template presentation
  • Create PowerPoint slide with integrated Excel table
  • Create PowerPoint slide with integrated Excel chart
  • Use internet tools to enhance Word documents
  • Use internet tools to enhance Excel workbooks
  • Use internet tools to enhance PowerPoint presentations
  • Insert a video into a PowerPoint slide
  • Upload a video into a PowerPoint slide

Module 11: Capstone Assignment

  • Create capstone presentation