Text Boxes

Learning Objectives

  • Insert text boxes.

Another type of edit you may wish to perform on a presentation slide is to add a text box. Text boxes are used for emphasis or as supplements to the standard layout space. For example, perhaps you want to draw attention to a specific feature on an image or in data. An easy way to do this is with a text box.

  1. Select the slide you wish to edit with a text box.
  2. Click on the Insert Tab
  3. Select Text Box from the menu in the Text group of the ribbon
  4. Click on the slide to place your text box.
  5. Enter your text.
A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 3 slides created. There are 4 numbers each with a different color highlighting various portions of the powerpoint. A green 1 shows that the third slide has been selected. An orange 2 shows where the insert feature is. A pink 3 shows the option to insert text and a blue 4 shows where a new section of text has been inserted.

After placing your text box, you can move it by clicking on the text box and dragging it to a new location. On the screenshot below the text box has been moved to the left side of the table, from the right.

A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 3 slides created. A green arrow points at a new section of text that has been inserted on the 3rd slide.

Practice Question

Practice Question