Color Themes

Learning Outcomes

  • Use color themes

PowerPoint includes advanced features such as making a custom template. In addition, color themes can be selected to enliven a presentation or align the color scheme with a company’s logo, marketing campaign or advertising colors. PowerPoint’s flexible tools also include the ability to create custom color themes for your presentation and be able to use it over again if you are using Office 365.

At a team meeting this Friday Sharon is giving a presentation. She has selected a presentation theme which came with predefined colors and has begun to work on the content. After talking with Jeff in the marketing department, Sharon realizes it would be better to have the presentation align with the marketing campaign colors. Here is how Sharon changed the colors in her existing presentation and how you can as well.

After opening the PowerPoint presentation, click on the Design tab, and navigate to the Variants group.

  1. Click the down arrow in the corner of the variant scrollbar and a new dropdown menu appears.
  2. Select the Colors option, and another color bar menu opens to the right.
    PowerPoint screenshot of open presentation with the color theme menu open to see.
  3. Scroll down or roll the cursor over each of the color options to see the current slide immediately change to fit the color themes being rolled over.PowerPoint screenshot of open presentation with the color theme menu open to see and a new color for the current slide as the themes are hovered over with the cursor.
  4. After deciding on a new color scheme, select it and the entire PowerPoint slide deck converts to the chosen color theme.
    PowerPoint screenshot of open presentation with a new color theme selected and all of the slides now reflecting this color theme.
  5. If a new color theme for a presentation needs to change even after the content is completed, follow the same steps and select a new color theme. This will automatically convert all the slides to match that color theme.

Practice Questions