Learning Outcomes

  • Define datasheets
  • Discuss datasheet windows within Microsoft Access

A datasheet is a useful way of viewing data in Access. Most importantly, datasheet view allows a user to view many table records at the same time. In datasheet view, information is displayed in rows and columns—similar to a spreadsheet. Records are displayed as rows, so each row is an individual record. Within each row, columns represent fields within the record.

Microsoft access datasheet view.

PRactice Question

Datasheet Windows

At the top of the datasheet window are the title bar, the Quick Access toolbar, and the Ribbon. The bottom of the window has a status bar and on the right side of the window a scroll bar as you would expect.

Many of the features that are common to spreadsheets are present in Access datasheet windows. A user can modify row height, column width, font size to change the amount of data that fits without scrolling. A user can also change the order of the rows or columns displayed in the window.

Datasheet views are a common display tool for tables, queries, and forms in Access. There are some irregularities in the functionality of the datasheet windows for these depending on the underlying data sources.

Microsoft access datasheet view.

Practice Question