Form Controls and Views

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare different form controls and views

There are two views in Access that can be used to modify forms and controls: Layout view and Design view.

Layout View

Using Layout view is the most comprehensive way to make changes to your form. Since the form is actually live in Layout view, you can see the data as it will look when the form is being used. When you make changes that will affect the appearance or usability of the form, you will see those design changes reflected on the data.

Although Layout view supports most design changes, there are a few outside its purview.

Design View

Access will inform you when you need to go to Design view to make certain changes. Design view is better for detailed aspects of the structure of the form. In Design view, you see the Header, Detail, and Footer areas of the form. Unlike Layout view, the form is not live in Design view, so you cannot see how the data is affected by your changes. But there are tasks that can be better performed in Design view such as:

  • Adding the bound object frame, page break, and chart controls.
  • Editing text box control sources.
  • Resizing form sections.
  • Changing certain form properties.

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Learn More

For detailed, step-by-step instructions Microsoft Access Help is an excellent resource and can be found by following this link: MS Access Help: Form Controls